How to use this app

There are a number of key features within this app that are unique and support the clinician to rapidly obtain measures during the consultation.

Clinician Customization

Following registration and log in, the clinician can customize their setting to metric or imperial measures together with preferred date option. It is within the clinician page that you can also change your password

Adding measurement data

There are a number of required fields to enter to register a patient; unique identifier or name, date of birth and gender. Scroll down and you are ready to measure and record with Toes2Hip.

As you enter each measurement screen, you will see an info-icon.jpg. Clicking on this symbol will display instructions on iPhone position and the recommended body position for measurement. There is also the option at each stage to manually enter any measures you have already taken.

There are a number of specific functions of Toes2Hip that we believe make this your ideal assessment companion.

Using the angle finder function with the app

Measure the angle by finding the start and end positions by moving your iPhone. 

Calculation of angles within a photo

There are a number of measures that you can position, snap and measure. The Toes2Hip will do the rest. 

Calculation of the FPI-6

This simple measure of the weight-bearing foot posture has never been easier. Pictures to guide your scaling and all calculations are completed for you. [Download The Foot Posture Index PDF]

Understanding the graphs

This is the highlight of the app, your output instantly compared to published normative values.