Toes2Hip iPhone App FTI screen


The following terms of use agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into between the developers of the Toes2Hip app (the developers) and you, the user of the app. Your use of the Toes2Hip app is permitted by the developers subject to this Agreement and by using the Toes2Hip app, you agree to be bound by this Agreement.

The Toes2Hip app is a clinical tool designed for all health professionals who assess the paediatric lower limb. It is designed to aid examinations based on standard and common clinical tests. The Toes2Hip app uses data input by the user, and allows the user to compare that data to published normative comparative values for each test. The normative comparison values that are used by the Toes2Hip app have been sourced by the developers using published academic evidence available by conducting a reasonable search as at the date of the relevant version of the app. Users are responsible for updating their app with future versions if, and when, they are made available by the developers. The developers expressly exclude any warranties or representations as to the accuracy, reliability or basis of the normative comparative values used by the Toes2Hip app.

There are limitations to the use of the Toes2Hip app. While all users are able to access visual aids within the Toes2Hip app to perform assessments on patients, the user acknowledges that any deviation from the diagnostic method suggested for use by the Toes2Hip app will reduce the reliability of the consequent result. The Toes2Hip app does not provide diagnostic judgements. The developers do not provide any medical advice in or through the Toes2Hip app and any information provided to users by the Toes2Hip app should not be so construed or used. Using the Toes2Hip app does not create a physician-patient relationship between the developers and any third party (including the user), and the Toes2Hip app is not designed to replace the services of a registered, trained health professional or to be a substitute for the advice of a such a professional.

The developers reserve all intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, source code, registered and unregistered trade marks, trade names, symbols, logos, formulae, methods, data andknow how) in connection with the Toes2Hip app. Nothing in this Agreement or the user’s use of the Toes2Hip app transfers or licences any intellectual property rights of the developers in connection with the Toes2Hip app to the user.

To the greatest extent permitted by law, the liability of the developers and persons associated with the publication of the Toes2Hip app or the authorisation of your use of the Toes2Hip app is limited to you and any third party in respect of any claim arising from or in connection with the Toes2Hip app to the developers’ choice of resupplying the Toes2Hip app or providing the user with a credit for any price paid or payable for the use of the Toes2Hip app. You agree to indemnify and hold the developers harmless from any claim or demand, including legal fees on full indemnity basis, made by you or any third party in connection with your use of the Toes2Hip app