The Only Lower Limb Assessment App on the Market

Introducing Toes2Hip - a new iPhone app designed for all physical therapists including physiotherapists and podiatrists to assess the foot and lower limb.

Toes2Hip delivers a creative approach aimed to change the way clinicians gather and interpret information.  It is designed to help perform a fast and easy assessment of the legs and feet of children and teenagers and even adults.

It's also great for students to use while learning about assessment of the developing child and adolescent.

Toes2Hip iPhone App assessment tool

Toes2Hip iPhone App Add Patient Screen





Key App Features:


  • Ability to enter the data manually or use the features of the app to record the data
  • Images and instructions to aid assessment and to ensure correct technique is used
  • Report generated at the conclusion of the assessment and emailed as a PDF thus saving valuable time in report writing
  • Report generated in the form of a easy to read graphs against normative age-based values
  • The ability to store and compare for future reference

If you are seeing the occasional child or teenager or you see these age groups everyday, Toes2Hip is the perfect companion for you.


Why Do I Need This App?

Taking measurements of a growing child or teenager can be difficult to do. It can take time, once you have the measurements you need, analyzing that information against normative age based values can take even longer.

With Toes2Hip, all of this can be done with just a click of a few buttons. The app instructs you what measurements need to be obtained and how the measurements are taken. In no time you can have fast values by taking a few photos! The app allows you to find the angles of the lower limbs, similar to how the camera uses ‘face-finder’ to get a good picture.

After finding the angle and snapping the photo, Toes2Hip automatically reads the measurements, and inputs them for you. Once you have all the information needed, Toes2Hip will plot the measurement value on a normative chart, giving you the results you need, without having to do time consuming research.

How Does It Work?

Toes2Hip is extremely easy to use. Even for clinicians who may not be so tech-savvy, learning how to use this app is easy. This allows you more time to attend to patients, and can even free up more time to add an extra patient within the clinic during the time you would usually write your reports or leave early for the day.

All you have to do is follow the instructions. Input the information about your patient: name, date of birth and gender. The first screen on the app will keep your patient’s organized. Then, the app will tell you exactly how to position your iPhone and the lower limb or foot of your patient in order to get the best possible measurements.

Once you are ready, the screen will focus in so you can take the best picture. Once the correct photo is taken, Toes2Hip allows you to ‘draw’ on the lower limb you captured in the photo. Toes2hip then calculates the angles or position, just as you would in your office. Again, Toes2Hip provides step by step information on how to do all this, right on your iPhone. If you are not comfortable with this feature and prefer to take your measures with a goniometer or tape measure, you can input the measurement information yourself.

That’s Great. But What Does It Tell Me?

With all the information you can gather from Toes2Hip, clinicians can get learn a lot about your patients, solely from the calculations done by the app. Toes2Hip provides only the most clear and concise instructions on how to get a reading on:

A lower limb biomechanical assessment including:

  • The range of motion of the hip, knee and ankle. This includes the popliteal angle measure and measures of ankle dorsiflexion
  • Measures of rotation: This includes Genu Varum, Genu Valgum
  • FPI-6, a measurement of static weight bearing foot posture
  • The presence, position and flexibility of metatarsus adductus

Once all calculations are made (and remember, the app does this for you) the individual patient’s measures will automatically be plotted on a normative graph. This is where clinicians can quickly compare the measure against the published normative values. This can help you identify if the lower limbs are developing typically or if further specialist consultation is warranted.

And remember, it’s all in just a few clicks of a button! No more research, analyzing, or writing out results. Toes2Hip not only benefits the clinician using it, it benefits the patient who will be able to receive accurate results on their growth process at the end of the consultation by email.

How Do I know This App Is Reliable?

The developers of Toes2Hip used current published research studies to understand what measurements and calculations should be taken in order to best analyze the patient’s lower limb and foot position. The measurements chosen for this app have been published and tested for their reliability, so when conducted similarly to the method used within the published studies, you can be reassured you are measuring the same each time. By guiding you with step by step instructions to use the app correctly, as well as the option to manually input measurements, it gives the you the ability to have as much or as little control as you desire.

The developers also used information from a variety of different research studies to learn which features should be included in the app so that the measures can be compared and graphed against normative values. This provides physiotherapists and podiatrists with conclusive results for patients. No need to compare graphs side by side anymore. Toes2Hip shows the you exactly where your patient measures’ are on a normative graph, which is consistently updated with the latest comparable data.

How Do I Get Started?

All you have to do is download Toes2Hip from the App Store, on your iPhone or iPad. Once you do that, the app will allow you to customize the features according to your preference. You can choose your password, and whether you want measurements in the metric or imperial system, as well as how you like the date to be written.


Toes2Hip is a fantastic tool that helps physiotherapists, podiatrists and other clinicians gather precise information about their patient’s lower limbs and feet in just a few clicks of a button. It cuts time patients spend in the office, and increases the amount of reliable information you can learn from important lower limb and foot measurements. Toes2Hip does all the work for you by giving step by step instructions within a user-friendly platform. It allows you to customize the app to your liking and store patient information as long as you want.

Keep in mind that Toes2Hip, while reliable and accurate, should be used only by registered or licensed health professionals. Although there are step by step instructions and the developers are excited to present a very easy to use app, it is important that the app is used accordingly. Results should only be read by a clinicians who is permitted to discuss with patients the measurements that Toes2Hip calculates.